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B2B Marketers Embrace Expanding Roles - DestinationCRM



A study conducted by Forrester Research and the Business Marketing Association has revealed that 97 percent of business-to-business marketing leaders are taking on responsibilities they have never had to before, including managing social media on a regular basis.


The findings, released Wednesday, also revealed that more than 70 percent of the 117 B2B marketers surveyed are concerned about brand integrity and execution in social media, and 60 percent admit they are looking to hire young talent to help them navigate new and ever-changing technology. The problem that marketers face, however, is that the talent is hard to find—about 47 percent say they can't find people with the right skill sets, and 28 percent say it's nearly impossible to fill important positions.


As a result, the role of the traditional marketer has expanded significantly. According to the study, 87 percent of marketers have found that peer departments seek their input and data much more; 78 percent claim the marketing organization's influence on corporate strategy is much greater; 77 percent believe the stature of marketing's seat at the executive round table has risen; and 56 percent say they spend more time in front of the company's board of directors than in the past.


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