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S Experienced One Of The Sharpest Statistical Declines In History

Eight weeks is enough time to give up on your team for the season.Standings will alter dramatically in the final two months -- they always do.Teams that looked finished will rise.Teams that looked like playoff locks will fall.Let's foolishly try to figure it all out.What we're not overreacting to after eight weeks.Tom Brady's struggles: He's experienced one of the sharpest statistical declines in history.Much of it is on Brady, not just his ever-changing cast of receivers.He's missed too many throws.The team's improving running game and vastly improved defense are giving Brady more support than usual.If Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola can stay healthy, don't be surprised if Brady is peaking in December.Robert Griffin III's season as a reflection on his future: You get a pass when you tear your ACL and miss your entire second offseason.Chip Kelly's struggles: Let's allow him to bring his own players in and not go crazy when he doesn't win with his No.

.3 quarterback.The entire NFC East is worse than you imagine.The Giants and Redskins could still be among the worst five teams in the league.Philadelphia's only win out of the division was against Tampa.The Cowboys are easily the best team here, and they are in a constant quest to lose in the most excruciating way possible.Well, eight weeks is enough time for us to look back at what we've learned so far in the AFC and NFC and to think we know something about this season, when we probably have no clue.

.According to the report, what we are not overreacting to at midseason.Tom Brady is experienced one of the sharpest statistical declines in history.The team is giving Tom Brady support when the team is improving running game.Anyway, in my opinion, I believe Tom Brady will make a great performance due to his team's help and support.Good luck for him.There is no doubt that wearing your favorite NFL jersey can keep yourself in a good mood.Great news comes from our online shop.The Steelers Sports NFL Jersey has the authentic jerseys available and the jerseys are on sale for up to 75% of the retail price.

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